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We offers cost effective environmentally effective solution to its challenge.

We manufacture technically advanced, Properly engineered and designed Extraction and scrubbing systems can prevent environmental issues, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect employee health and safety. These systems are tailor-made strictly in accordance with the data provided by clients and the space available at their site.

Acid Fume Extraction System Working Standard

The contaminated air drown through the slots provided on integrated duct of Acid Fume Extraction System are brought to the scrubber with the help of inter connecting ducts of Tank & header duct to the scrubber. At the scrubber the contaminated air scrubbed with the help of pall rings and cross flow water spray with that the air gets purified & entered to the eliminator zone where the heavy water drops leave the air & pure air exhausted out to the atmosphere with the help of blower & chimney. Due to continuous water spray the water gets acidic, therefore the stored water of the scrubber required to the replace time to time after checking its PH value.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle of Acid Waste
Money & Environment Saving System
Easy to Operate
Less pollution Healthy Environment
VFD Driven Energy Saving System